Integral spare parts match the top standards of quality set by INTEGRAL toners. Only the best parts manufacturers from around the world are qualified to participate in INTEGRAL’s EXCELLENT & COMPATIBLE parts program.

When choosing spare parts from INTEGRAL, you gain the significant advantage of sharing the technological leadership of the best manufacturers in the field. All parts offered under the EXCELLENT & COMPATIBLE program have been exclusively developed and manufactured to provide optimized performance, enhanced life and excellent copy or print quality.


Our OPC drums are manufactured using leading OPC technology. All OPC drums offered have been developed specifically to match the properties and characteristic requirements of the applicable copier and printer models. The particularly smooth surface of OPC drums helps to avoid the build-up of toner.

OPC Drums

Cleaning Blades & Doctor Blades

The life of an OPC drum significantly depends on the type of blade used. A soft and evenly cut drum blade raises the life duration of the OPC drum and eliminates streaking problems and other copy or print defects. Our drum blades are manufactured to the correct softness and exacting edge tolerances. This ensures top performance of the blade and the drum. In addition to cleaning blades for copiers and printers, we offer a range of doctor blades for laser printer cartridges.


Fuser Rollers

Different copier and printer models have unique operating environments and requirements for the fuser rollers. Our fuser rollers are made with the highest quality machine specific coating agents and techniques available. They are manufactured with extremely hard anti-stick multi coating layers for improved durability and  long life. All coating agents applied to our fusing rollers are selected to match the necessary copy and printer as well as toner characteristics and properties in order to meet the most demanding requirements. Our fuser rollers are subject to a sanding process of the aluminium substrate in order to provide an optimal surface polish for the adhesion of the primer and the hard coat layers. The special roller surface polishing reduces friction for an increased abrasion resistance of the rollers.


Pressure Rollers

Our lower pressure rollers with anti-stick PTA-sleeves with a thickness of 50, 70 and 100 µ are designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance for consistent copy and print quality and a long life of the roller.


Fuser Sleeves

We offer a range of fuser film sleeves for laser printers and copiers. Our fuser film sleeves feature a uniform material distribution and thickness, a smooth and homogeneous coating surface for optimized print results as well as a smooth inside surface for enhanced contact with the heater element. Consistent properties avoid offsetting. Perfect edge cutting prevents the tearing of the sleeve during use.

Fuser Sleeves


We offer a range of exposure and heater lamps for copiers. All lamps manufactures take into consideration the specific requirements for each application such as dimensions, voltage, light and heat tolerances. All our lamps are premium products, which have been designed for high performance and a longevity. Our exposure lamps provide the correct light distribution, while our heater lamps guarantee uniform heat distribution within the heater roller.


 RFID Chips

RFID chips have become common components of many laser printer cartridge models. We offer a range of RFID chips for use with laser printer cartridges. The use of our RFID chips ensures the full function of the printer cartridges. All chips have been developed to be I.P. safe.



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